Technology to shape the future

We believe that technology is the best tool we have to solve the world's problems.
Our mission is to build systems that improve people's lives and help build a better future.

About us

Founded in 2021, Plus Systems is a Portuguese tech startup focused on building tools to empower people and organizations to reach their maximum potential.

The two founders, Diogo Ribeiro and Paulo Files, want to help improve the world using technology, they believe the planet desperately needs more innovators and problem solvers who can respond to nature's calls for a more responsible and effective use of its resources.

The process on which they based the company is very simple: observe the world, look for a problem, assess its priority, design and build the best solution possible, repeat.

Our core values are human-centered, we believe that each person has something to offer and that anyone can have an incredible idea, therefore, everyone must be valued and listened to.

The essence of our culture comes down to this: critical and innovative thinking finds the problem, ingenuity and creativity solve it, autonomy speeds up the process, accountability keeps things on track, respect and honesty make us a team.

Our products


Greenee is the digital platform where businesses can publish discounts, coupons and offers available in their stores so that any customer can easily take advantage of them.

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